Which one is more intelligent?


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Some people are better at making logical statements, others can pick up the missing piece of a puzzle, and still others can see a pattern in a series of numbers. Which one is more intelligent?


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After several years of measurements, data analysis, and debate, psychologists came up with the idea of general intelligence. General intelligence is also called the g-factor (general) - it is the total mental strength of a person, his ability to perceive and remember information, learn and solve problems.
It is not possible to assess general intellect with only logic or arithmetic tasks. Test takers are offered several types of tasks: some are good at analogies, some decode anagrams, but in general the intellectual level of these people is about the same.
There are some tests that are designed for particularly intellectually advanced people. For example www.iq-global-test.com.


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I think mathematicians are quite intelligent and smarter than poets, for example. I, for example, am not very smart, but I am good at writing stories.


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This question hits me hard because one of my friend thinks that he is so intelligent among us, he enroll in a data science online course from an online institute but he never knows that where he is learning is a scam company, I checked SEGi University & Colleges certification his online institution and came to know that he was doing from the wrong place, later on when he applies for a company they said you were learning from an unrecognized institution now, let me know who is more intelligent he or me? :D


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