What is the high selling category for an ecommerce business?


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Currently, toys are ranked first in the list of popular products. You can take help from the ecommerce developers for your toy brand. In the first half of 2021, the global toy market reached US$110.97 billion, showing explosive growth. The product line includes movable dolls, arts and crafts, building blocks, dolls, games and puzzles, toddlers and toys, youth electronics, plush toys, and miniature models. Global orders for reading and flying toys also increased by 294% and 275%, respectively. Toys are a great way for parents to develop fine motor skills, encourage imaginative games, and distract children while working at home. The term "toy" has an average monthly search volume of 1.8 million, and it is obvious that it has been in full swing from 2021 to the new year.


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