What do you recommend?


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I have coprophilia. I get crazy cravings for shit when I have intercourse with my girlfriend. It's a recent phenomenon and she doesn't share my desires. I want to show her some videos so she knows how cool it is. What do you recommend?


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Such fetishes scare me, it's very disgusting to me, but at least I can help you. Recently I was watching adult videos on https://wrestlium.com/ , and there were videos about coprophilia. Lots of shit and dirty sex. It's horrible to me, but I guess it turns you on. But it would still be interesting to know why you like it. I've heard of a lot of fetishes and I respect them, but this is too much.


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I have Knismolagnia. Or, simply put, sexual arousal from tickling. People with this fetish build their entire sex life around tickling. They may tickle each other during sex or even tie up their partner to tickle him or her.


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Where is moderator??
It is about advertisement on your website.

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