What are the main features of spectrum email?

Because of the Features of spectrum email, you are able to stream videos, play online games, download music, and upload images without experiencing a decrease in performance when doing any of these activities. And all of this is attainable by virtue of the availability of Spectrum Internet. The following is a list of characteristics of the spectrum Internet. Email from Spectrum If you sign up for an email account with Spectrum, you will be able to generate up to seven email addresses for your account at no additional cost.
Protection Package

Security guards against potentially harmful software, such as spyware, worms, Trojan horses, rootkits, and so on.
Wi-Fi Away from Home Customers of Spectrum Internet can effortlessly connect to a high-speed wireless network when they are away from their homes. On a single account, you can connect up to fifteen different devices and have unlimited access.
The Timed Race
Your network's uploading and downloading speeds will be measured, as well as the quality of your internet connection, when you do the Speed Test.
Spectrum Email has the following features:
Make sure that you continue reading in order to find out what you can do with the email mailbox provided by Spectrum:

You have the ability to compose, read, and manage email.
You can conduct a search, as well as an advanced search, using a keyword.
You can also compose email messages.
Included are additional actions such as replying, replying all, moving, deleting, and forwarding messages.
Contacts You have the ability to generate, modify, and administer your contacts.
You can add a contact
You can simplify the management of your connections by forming a group.
You have the option of sorting contacts by either their first or last name.
Additionally, you have the ability to import and export Contacts:

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