West indies tickets


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As a total newbie, I'm starting to put things in place to enable me some time in the west indies in 2022. (Mainly buttering up my wife)

Question is, when the venues are announced, will tickets be available to purchase direct through barmy army or external websites?

Many thanks

Buffet bowler

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I signed up for the email updates from the West Indies Cricket News. This came yesterday regarding the current test series.

"So WI have some good news and some not so good news. As Cricket West Indies, along with our Regional Government Partners aim to keep everyone safe during this ongoing COVID-19 crisis, we unfortunately are not able to allow fans in the stadium for the upcoming Test Series.
However, there's still some GREAT news! As a West Indies fan, there are a few ways that you can still catch all of the action, and we have the details for you below."

Hopefully this will not be the case in March.