Visa on entry


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Sri Lanka is starting to close everything. Safaris cancelled. Announcement went out this morning via radio basically saying to avoid contact, avoid groups, they’re really closing things off. Fully expecting things to progress even more over the next 48 hours. Gone from 2 cases to 10 now in last few days.


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Will they cancel the flights though so we get a refund. What are people flying Tuesday(as I am) doing. Just waiting in the hope it gets cancelled or cancelling themselves now and putting in a claim?

DC Burnside

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we were coming from USA which is not yet banned entry but feel like we cant risk it now. Booking services genuinely doing what they can to help and looking like refunds/credits on the way.

Incidentally, we were ok with credits, we want to do this trip and who knows, maybe they reschedule for October or something to that effect. Not doing India next year:( going to be a long wait till Ashes/Windies. Although part of me worries this insanity will become more common now.
Thoughts go out to the Sri Lankans at the moment.
I know quite a few lads were out there already but these tours do bring much needed income to the local economy.