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Once again, The Barmy Army have been frustrated in their efforts to secure fairly priced tickets for all English supporters travelling to the upcoming tour of Sri Lanka.

During England’s last tour in 2018, Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) were forced to place a limited amount of tickets on the online portal after coming under severe pressure from our campaign to highlight the unfair prices being charged by their exclusive agent, Island Leisure Lanka. We have so far had no indication that this will be repeated.

English supporters can purchase tickets at the moment at but will pay around USD $60 minimum per day (£45). These tickets are being sold by SLC’s official ticket handler/distributor who have once again hiked the price up thereby taking cynical advantage of the fact that England are the only international team that bring many thousands of overseas supporters with them on tour.

If you don’t want to pay £45 a day for an advance seated ticket (currently the only option) then alternatively, you can travel without a ticket and visit the grounds ticket office prior to the start of the Test match. Based on past experience, we have to assume that grass bank tickets will be available to purchase for the ‘local’ price of around 300 LKR (£1.27) a day (2018 price) – obviously significantly cheaper than an advance ticket. We clearly cannot guarantee this of course but we also cannot envisage a situation where English supporters are turned away after previous SLC assurances that there would not be a two-tier price system as previously imposed in 2012.

For those who consider that £45 compares favourably to ticket prices in English Test venues it needs to be borne in mind that stadium facilities in Sri Lanka can be described as basic, at best.

We understand the uncertainty around ticketing and prices for Sri Lanka tour is a cause for concern. However, Sri Lanka is a wonderful Island with beautiful wildlife, scenery and incredible cuisine and it remains one of our favourite cricketing destinations.

We hope to see you there to cheer on the mighty, mighty England!

The Barmy Army Team
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After coming under significant pressure from our campaign to highlight the unfair pricing imposed by its exclusive agency, Island Leisure Lanka, during England's last tour in 2018, Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) was obliged to place a limited number of tickets on the online portal but these days I was an assignment and I taken help from the best psychology dissertation topics service because I am very big fan of cricket.