Pokémon GO Mega Evolution Change Rumored To Happen Soon


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A significant change to Pokémon GO's Mega Evolution mechanic is rumored to happen soon. Pokémon's Mega Evolution idea was first introduced in the franchise's Gen 6 titles, Pokémon X and Y, almost 10 years ago and the mechanic was added to Pokémon GO just two years ago in 2020. Since its introduction in Pokémon GO, the list of Pokémon that can Mega Evolve has slowly increased. At present, there are 17 distinct Pokémon that can be Mega developed in Pokémon GO.

However, mega Evolutions in Pokémon GO are performed uniquely in contrast to in the franchise's other games. Instead of using a Mega Stone to Mega advance a qualified Pokémon, players should consume sufficient Mega Energy to successfully set off the Mega evolution. Whenever the mechanic was first introduced in Pokémon GO, acquiring Mega Energy was quite troublesome as it expected players to finish Mega Raids as well as the amount of energy that was rewarded was also really scant. Designer Niantic eventually changed several things to make Pokémon GO's Mega Evolution system easier.

Pokémon dataminers PokeMiners (via Nintendo Life) have tracked down a new leveling system for Pokémon GO's Mega Evolutions in the game's code. The new Mega Evolution level system, which is similar to the presently existing companion and Pokémon Buddy level system, will feature three levels, which will increase depending on how often a Pokémon has been Mega developed. Raising a Pokémon's Mega Evolution level will open certain perks, including reducing the energy required for Mega Evolve, extra candy, XP, XL Candy, and more. The new system also offers players a free Mega Evolution now and again, with the supposed "cooldown" for it going down each time a Pokémon gains a level. If the cooldown is still active, players can instead Mega Evolve their Pokémon with Mega Energy at a decreased cost depending on the time left. Additionally, it looks like players will actually want to Mega Evolve their Pokémon from raid lobbies.

Implementing changes to the Mega Evolution system won't just make it easier for players to Mega advance their Pokémon yet in addition earn certain perks. This new system should assist with encouraging players to participate in the game's Mega Raids and certain Timed Research tasks that reward Mega Energy more.

While none of the datamined information has been affirmed, it's possible that the new system will be introduced sometime this month alongside the normal new Pokémon GO Mega Evolution added for April. Niantic has yet to make an official announcement, yet players are surely going to remain keeping watch for any updates to the Mega Evolution system.