Pain after surgery


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My son survived knee surgery and now he is in a lot of pain. advise a good analgesic, we can no longer cope with it


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I have had a brachial plexus injury on my right arm since last year, July, which means I can barely move. Muscle and nerve pains were added to everything, which was simply unbearable. I was given some pretty strong medications that I couldn't take due to serious side effects like dizziness, nausea and vomiting. Drop in blood pressure, headache. It was a nightmare. I had to stop taking my medication and put up with pain that nearly drove me crazy. A friend gave me CBD to try as it was supposed to help with nerve and muscle pain. And yes, it helped a lot. Since then, I have been taking CBD regularly (here stress free delivery from cbd magic). I have no side effects, little or no pain. Most importantly, I was able to get back to work. Although my right arm is not strong enough, especially since the treatment can take up to 3 years. But I can live a normal life again thanks to CBD.


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Analgesics should be prescribed by a doctor, as many can adversely affect your child's condition. Many medicines are not compatible, so do not self-medicate
Stretching reduces the tightness in your decreasing muscular pain and irritated nerves. This nerve irritation occurs at the top of your neck. This causes typical neck-based headaches or cervicogenic headaches. hip pain