Is it profitable to invest in cloud mining


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Hi! Compared to traditional mining, cloud mining is an easy way to start mining cryptocurrencies with a small investment. A data center is set up and configured by blockchain professionals, who are able to make mining as efficient as possible. While the profitability of mining on a stationary mining farm depends entirely on the knowledge and efforts of the miner. It should be noted that due to the professional setup and control of the equipment and mining, the profitability of cloud mining can be significantly higher than for similar investments in in-house equipment, provided that the miner does not have a sufficient knowledge base.


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This is a very interesting topic. It seems to me that everyone will find the most interesting for themselves. So, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that everyone can mine with a minimum amount. I wish you good luck.


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Cloud mining - mining cryptocurrency without buying your own equipment, using rented equipment, which can be located on another continent. In this case, you do not buy equipment, do not deal with the issue of its placement, or incur additional electricity costs, but simply pay a fixed amount for using other people's video cards or processors. It sounds like a very convenient option, but I do not know how profitable it is for investment. If you want to invest, check out this Investor Junkie article that will let you know which investments will be profitable and safe. After all, investing is a good source of income and a way to ensure a comfortable old age in retirement.
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