Hopkins Hears the Syracuse Question Once


University of Washington basketball coach Nail Yakupov Jersey Mike Hopkins regularly holds a virtual Monday media se sion that often involves only Seattle-Tacoma journalists, but every once in a while someone else joins in.Such was the case on Monday when a Syracuse University student reporter took part and quizzed Hopkins about the long-term relationship between the Orange's Jim Boeheim and Duke's Mike Krzyzewski.The veteran coaches are scheduled to meet one last time on Saturday night when their teams meet at the Carrier Dome in Syracuse before Krzyzewski walks away from the game and retires.For that matter, Boeheim could step down at any time as he approaches the end of his fifth decade Jonas Gustavsson Jersey as coach.The reporter knew that Hopkins played for Syracuse in that first matchup for the college basketball legends in 1989 and Andrej Sekera Jersey asked for his memories."Boeheim's time is obviously coming in the next few years," he said, pre sing Hopkins some about his future. "Is returning to Syracuse something you thought about or something you'd be interested in?"Hopkins didn't say no.Scroll to ContinueHe didn't say yes either.Instead the fifth-year Husky coach basketball sort of hedged on his response, talking only about trying to right his program while not directly addre sing Syracuse, where he spent a quarter of a century coaching."I think every Milan Lucic Jersey day about getting our program, the University of Washington, back to where we were two years ago," Hopkins said. "Syracuse built me. Gave me the opportunity to do it here. I'm Edmonton Oilers Jersey just so excited to get this place back to where it deserves to be and we work daily on trying to get that. That's my focus day in and day out."