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Welcome to the Barmy Army forum, the place for banter about all things related to the England cricket teams.

We have created a set of guidelines for the benefit of all our members and fans. In line with the principles of the barmy army, we want this to a place of fun and enjoyment so if you wish to post on the forums then please follow these simple rules:
  • No posting requests for or details of personal information
  • No mindless abuse of players, management or others connected with the team
  • No mindless abuse of fellow posters
  • Flaming will not be tolerated - use the ignore function
  • Trolling will not be tolerated - this includes the feeding of trolls
  • Thread titles must not - contain swear words, be in ALL CAPS, contain excessive punctuation or have no information as to the content of the thread
  • No posting of match highlights until licensed broadcasters have released theirs
  • Please do not post full articles from the official ECB site - a single line and link is enough
  • Please do not post full articles from subscription newspapers such as The Times. Post the link only
  • Discussion of illegal streaming or methods to obtain illegal streams is forbidden
  • Please do not quote offensive or abusive posts, use the report button. Repeated failures to do so will result in a temp ban
  • Admin's decisions are final and binding
A full set of rules and terms can be found here:
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Absolutely delighted we have a barmy army forum back, it used to be a great source of information, for tours especially, as someone who just couldn't get into twitter, great decision people.
See you all in S.Africa