Elder Scrolls Online Unlocks Morrowind DLC for All Players


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The Elder Scrolls Online's award-winning Morrowind chapter has been made free for players who own the base game. This update comes just months before ESO's next major expansion, The High Isle, which will bring players to a previously neglected archipelago as part of the ongoing Legacy of the Bretons storyline.

The Elder Scrolls Online was Bethesda's first attempt at a full-scale MMO, and although many players dumped the game following its somewhat stale launch, many individuals stuck with it and aided shape it into one of the most consistently relevant MMOs available. With designer ZeniMax Online Studios taking player feedback into consideration like never before, ESO has managed to become one of the MMO people group's favorites and a staple of the class itself. ESO has even been compared to New World and other later MMOs, demonstrating its staying power.

To add to the value of the already happy rich game, ZeniMax Online Studios has announced that starting today, the broadly praised Morrowind expansion chapter will be added to each player's account at no cost. ZeniMax made the decision to assist players with catching up in the world of Tamriel before the game's newest expansion introduction, High Isle, releases later this summer. Morrowind, which was ESO's first expansion chapter, is in many cases refered to as the game's best DLC and holds a ton of content for players to appreciate, all based on the original game, The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

ZeniMax's post suggests that the window to claim the substance is restricted, it is open "for the foreseeable future." If for whatever reason the DLC does not automatically appear registered to a player's account, it will be available free of charge in the game's Crown Store to take note of that the deal. Strangely, the Warden character class won't be available as a part of the advancement, despite the fact that it was first introduced with the chapter's launch in 2017. Players who are subscribed to ESO's substance subscription, ESO Plus, won't gain anything from the change, nor will the cost of the subscription decrease despite some of the substance being made free.

The addition of the Morrowind chapter to ESO's base game is a great move by ZeniMax Online Studios to bring in more players and encourage returning fans to get invigorated for High Isle's launch later this year. Despite the substance being almost five years old, the advancement gives apprehensive or potential customers another reason to evaluate ESO and expand its reach.