Elden Ring Player Outdances Final Boss Using A DDR Dance Pad


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One Elden Ring player just defeated the game's final boss using the most improbable of peripherals - a dance pad from Dance Revolution. Since the time Elden Ring first launched to near-universal acclaim and chart-topping sales figures last month, players have been uncovering interesting tricks to help make the typically punishing FromSoftware-created action RPG somewhat easier. Fans have used items like Elden Ring's Freezing Pot to counter Malenia's devastating Waterfowl Dance attack, fooled a pair of Valiant Gargoyles into leaping off a bluff to their destruction, and even used supportive potions and Spirit Ash summons to clear Elden Ring's story campaign without performing a single physical attack of their own.

Other Elden Ring players have used mods to add a handy Pause Screen or the ability to summon strong spirits like Godfrey, The First Elden Lord or even a living rock to crush their foes with little trouble. While most of these Elden Ring tricks and mods are aimed at making the game somewhat easier to finish, some players have gone in the other heading - adding to Elden Ring's challenge by playing the game with an unconventional control scheme. These irregular Elden Ring controllers have included the band like Ring Fit Adventure regulator and even a lot of bananas fixed to a circuit enclose a makeshift Human Interface Device.

Reddit user Ugoroszczak as of late joined this growing list of players thinking outside the container to play Elden Ring by defeating several of the game's bosses with a Dance Revolution dance pad in a video that he later posted to r/Eldenring. As described by DualShockers, Ugoroszczak went into this battle armed with just a Bloodhound's Fang sword and used some fancy footwork to take down many enemies - until he ended up facing off against the dreaded Radagon. This last battle alone took Ugoroszczak five hours to clear as he focused on the boss' movements and his own dance pad controls to defeat both Radagon and the Elden Beast to finish the main story campaign. According to both Ugoroszczak and some other Elden Ring players in the remark section, this is the first recorded instance of someone beating Elden Ring with a dance pad regulator.

Dance pads like the kind seen in the Dance Revolution series have been used to play some of the most improbable of games in the past, such as the hit 2020 roguelike Hades and FromSoftware's own Demon's Souls. In the meantime, Elden Ring continues to be one of the breakout success stories of 2022, with dedicated fans showing off impressive cosplays of Elden Ring characters and using the game's inside and out character creation tools to craft Elden Ring versions of Ciri from The Witcher 3 and Gandalf from The Lord Of The Rings.

Considering that Elden Ring continues FromSoftware's ethos of incredibly troublesome gameplay and combat, players using wild control schemes like a Ring Fit Adventure regulator or a Dance Revolution dance pad are even more essential. Ugoroszczak managed to demonstrate some impressive footwork in taking down Elden Ring's monstrous final boss and possible made history by being the first Elden Ring player to become Elden Lord with a dance pad.