Clash of Clans Introduces New Shadow Challenge and Shadow Skin


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A new Clash of Clans season means new challenges and rewards to open. Supercell introduced a new Shadow Challenge for players to finish alongside a new skin available for purchase in the in-game shop. The new Shadow theme was introduced to the game earlier this year with the arrival of the Shadow Queen skin during the January season's Gold Pass, and again in March with the Shadow Champion skin.

Clash of Clans, the massively popular portable strategy game, took a new approach to granting special rewards in April 2019 with the introduction of the Gold Pass. Similar to Fortnite's popular Season Pass system, the Gold Pass gives players a list of challenges to finish in request to open new reward tiers. The Gold Pass, which sells for $5 consistently, gives players the chance to earn a ton of resources, potions, buffs, and a special Hero skin. Supercell tends to set a theme for each season pass, making it so that players can earn a total set of Hero skins each three or four months.

This seasonal rotation has been all about the Shadow theme, and Supercell introduced considerably more ways for players to immerse themselves in the exceptional Clash of Clans theme. In a new video published on the Clash of Clans official YouTube channel, Supercell announced a new Shadow Challenge for players to finish. The Shadow Challenge requires players to copy a matchup from Clash of Clans' eSports Worlds Warmup Finals by using M.S. GAKU's troop composition against PSW's base. Assuming players are successful at achieving an entire three-star clear of the base, they will be awarded 400xp and a Research Potion.

Along with the challenge was the introduction of the new Shadow Warden skin, a Legendary Grand Warden skin available for purchase in the in-game shop. Like all Legendary skins in Clash of Clans, the Shadow Warden will cost players $9.99. A new Shadow Scenery background for players' bases is also available in the shop. The new shop items are available until April 18, so players looking to finish their Shadow assortment have just less than two weeks to do as such.

The Shadow theme is arguably perhaps the biggest theme Supercell has made for Clash of Clans since the Jungle theme in the Town Hall 14 update, however many players were left annoyed that they have to pay much more cash to finish the set. Together with the underwhelming reward for completing the Shadow Challenge, some players saw this theme as a miss. Despite the additional cost, the Shadow cosmetics are some of the best-looking ones in the game, and many players are happy to pay the extra cash since the game itself has remained allowed to-play for so many years.


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