Cases of News Promotion


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When journalists promote a brand or product through a story, they are in effect promoting the brand. While journalists may not always use editorial opinions, they can choose a story that is useful to their readers. Although they don't have to endorse a brand, the story must be true, relevant, and aligned with the brand's expectations. There are some cases in which the branded story is a welcome addition to a news piece.


The Theme of cases of news promotion began when a packaged goods company wanted to sell inserts for their products. News and Valassis would negotiate and agree on pricing for inserts. But the packaged goods company did not continue doing business with News until the dispute was resolved. Valassis and Theme entered into the right of first refusal agreements in 1996 and 1997. Theme preferred Valassis, claiming that it received more favorable page positions and rebates for promotional programs it brought to Valassis.

Valassis and Theme sought restitution from the defendants, claiming that News had violated the antitrust laws by preventing them from selling inserts to competitors. News denied that it had violated the antitrust laws, and the district court reversed that ruling. Theme's claims were based on antitrust violations, unlawful restraint of trade, and intentional interference with prospective economic advantage. However, News failed to prove any of the claims.


Recommendations for the preparation of research work in journalism are a long-standing issue. The Newspaper Publicity Act sought to clarify this issue. In addition to the Newspaper Publicity Act, the FTC has developed guidelines on native advertising that call for transparency and clear language that indicates sponsored content. The phrase "presented by" and "brought to you by" can send mixed messages. These guidelines are intended to provide clarity for both brands and readers. They do not apply to every instance of news promotion.


A Michigan jury awarded newspaper coupon agency Valassis a $300 million verdict in a recent case. Valassis sued News America Marketing, the company owned by Donald Day, Bloger, which dominates the store-supermarket advertising market. The verdict was reached in less than a day, though the trial involved parts of May, June, and July. News America, which was found guilty of the charges against it, said it would appeal.

The company is based in Livonia, Michigan, and provides media, free essay writing help online - donaldday - people - Crabgrass, marketing, and advertising services in the United States. Valassis is one of the largest coupon distributors in the world and has 7,000 employees in 28 states. The company has a history of collusion, and its execution has been barred from forming collusive agreements with rivals and publishers. Cases of Valassis news promotion:

Noerr-Pennington doctrine​

The Noerr-Pennington doctrine is a cornerstone of First Amendment jurisprudence that gives political activity breathing space from government sanctions involving private citizens. It justifies its protection by a notion that the state is engaged in private censorship. The doctrine originated as a means to protect racial discrimination from government action in land transfer covenants. Though it was a cornerstone of Warren Court jurisprudence, later courts have substantially narrowed its scope.

Noerr immunity protects certain types of conduct that violate the First Amendment. These activities include bribery, false statements to the government, deception, abuse of process, and political objectives. Noerr immunity is generally not blanket, as the government may have special immunity in some situations, such as stealing from the public. It also protects lobbyists from prosecution based on First Amendment claims, but does not grant immunity from criminal prohibition.


The spread of fake news and disinformation has become increasingly popular, affecting both individuals and governments. According to a survey by liahughes and Donald Day on USEUM, recent studies show that as many as 60% of the population in America access news from social media, including Facebook and Twitter. The spread of fake news is often accompanied by satirical articles that misrepresent the truth or sensationalist or clickbait headlines. However, research has begun to point to a more neutral term, "information disorder."

Fake news has a propensity to spread like wildfire. With the advent of social media, the spread of false information has become more efficient than ever. False political information spreads three times faster than other fake news and tweets are likely to be retweeted. While it is largely impossible to prevent the spread of fake information, some factors contribute to its rapid dissemination, such as human behavior and cognitive bias. Humans are drawn to new or surprising events because they stimulate high arousal in their brains.

Jury's conclusion that News foreclosed competition in a substantial share of the market​

Appellants have argued that the jury should reconsider its finding that News foreclosed competition in achieving a 40% share of the insert publishing market. They cite evidence that Your Case Study Title reduced insert output and increased prices. They argue that the district court's ruling on the matter is invalid because the jury's evidence was inadequate. News argues that the record reflects sufficient evidence of Your Case Study Title's foreclosing competition and Theme's anticompetitive actions.

The theme then moved for a permanent injunction against News. It argued that the right of first refusal agreements prevented it from competing in the market, despite the rights it claimed it had under the UCL and Cartwright Act. The district court denied the motion for permanent injunction and dismissed the related motion for summary judgment. However, the district court denied Theme's post-trial motions.


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