Blizzard Sends Out New WotLK Classic Survey, Featuring Deluxe Edition Mounts & Death Knight Boosts


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Specifically, Blizzard began sending out a new survey, asking them what they would think of the various perks and services being offered "as part of a bundle available for purchase for the upcoming World of Warcraft Classic package" - aka a Deluxe edition of Wrath of the Lich King classic. Options players are encouraged to consider include services already available for purchase, such as a character transfer, 30 days of game time, or a level 68 boost (excluding death knight), but include more interesting options, such as an exclusive mount usable in WotLK Classic and a level 68 death knight boost. (Tips: You are recommended to buy wow wotlk classic gold in advance to prepare for the game.)

This has interesting ramifications. The Phase Hunter mount that came with the TBC Classic Deluxe Edition was hugely unpopular with players, causing players to move using the /spit emote on anyone riding it, so Blizzard must have found that it greatly increased sales of the Deluxe edition if they were considering bringing it back. Also, the level boost that came with TBC Classic Deluxe Edition was limited to old races only, not the Draenei/Blood Elf races that came with TBC, so the fact that they are considering adding a Death Knight boost for WotLK Classic is very interesting.

Additionally, according to the survey, it seems that Blizzard is planning to release 2 different Deluxe Edition bundles:

A $29.99 bundle including character level 68 bonus for a friend (non Death Knight), character transfer, pet, WotLK-themed mount for classic WoW, mount on the WotLK theme for WoW retail and 30 days of game time
A $49.99 bundle including a level 68 (non-Death Knight) character boost, a level 68 Death Knight boost, and a toy
What's interesting here is that the $49.99 bundle basically includes 2x level increases for the price of one, while the mount is limited to the $29.99 bundle, which may indicate that level ups are significantly more popular than mount. The $29.99 plan seems to be aimed at players who want to play with their friends who have since left Classic, while the $49.99 plan seems to be aimed more at players looking to get back to playing WotLK Classic, which should already be massively popular.

Players are expressing concern about these packs, and specifically the Level 68 Death Knight boost in particular. Many wonder why Blizzard feels this is necessary given that Death Knights already start at level 58. Others point out that Death Knights should be extremely popular and that a readily available boost will exacerbate the issues. that players have faced in the past, such as a shortage. unbalanced dungeon groups and battleground groups due to the large number of death knights around.