Barmy Army HQ Rules

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Welcome to the Barmy Army HQ!

This is your platform to talk all things cricket and the perfect place for you to voice your opinion on anything cricket or Barmy Army related! There are a few rules laid out on a separate thread, but other than that this is your forum.

If you would like to be even more involved please mail us at [email protected]

  • No posting requests for or details of personal information.
  • No abuse of players, management or others connected with the team.
  • No abuse of fellow posters.
  • Thread titles must not contain swear words, be fully capitalised, contain excessive punctuation or have no information as to the content of the thread.
  • No posting of match highlights until licensed broadcasters have released theirs.
  • Do not post full articles from the official ECB site. A single line and link is enough.
  • Do not not post full articles from subscription newspapers such as The Times. Link only.
  • Discussion of illegal streaming is forbidden.
  • Do not quote offensive or abusive posts, use the report feature.
  • Do not spam.
  • Administration decisions are final and binding.
Full rules and terms:
Not open for further replies.