Barmy Army CC game at Newlands!


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Would love the chance to play cricket on one of the most iconic if not the best cricket ground in the world, can’t wait to just witness the culture and amazing City Cape Town is. I currently play,coach and curate the wickets for my local cricket club. By me saying I play I mean I can hit the ball pretty hard and bamboozle the openents with the lack of spin from my none turning off spin 😂 Breadsall cc in Derbyshire is where spend most my time. My first ever barmy army tour which has been forever on my bucket list, so the chance to play with the army on newlands would be out of this World 🏏 🍺 🍔


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I would be interested in playing the morning game if there is sufficient time to do so before leaving to catch our 5pm flight. I have played regularly for as long as I can remember not to any great level. I can bat and bowl leg spin.


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We have arranged to play a Barmy Army CC v Amla Army T20 match at Newlands the day after the test match finishes...on the test match strip! This should be a great experience for everyone including those who play in the game and fellow members and supporters who come down and support.

Any First Class members interested in playing in the game please post below and give a brief intro into your cricketing background and experience and let us know what your most looking forward to in South Africa!

As always with these games...the focus is fun and enjoyment so you don't have to be Joe Root to get a game but clearly if we are over-subscribed with requests we will have to select the team randomly.
Will there be a match at Joberg? If so, I’ll bring some kit. JJ


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Would absolutly love to play 1st game in morning before I get dragged off to the winelands!, Mature keeper, left handed bat and got presented my leagues keeper award from Harmy this year and have had MOM at Stafford, will bring my supporters along too! Need to know if I should pack my boots when we fly xmas eve! Prob last chance I will get to play. Kev
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Hi this would be a dream come true if I could get a game at Newlands. Currently 43 years old and played at all levels in Local Cricket for Claverham CC based near Bristol.
Looking forward to watching Jos and Stokes smashing the ball to all parts whilst having a cold castle in the sun.
Plus we can’t have the talk sport lot beat us 😉


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Would love a gig in this game, playing on a test wicket. 21 yo all rounder plying my trade for Scarborough in Yorkshire premier league north. Hopefully see some more Stokes heroics this tour🙌

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Daft question, 😕 but do you mean 8th Jan or the day after last day of actual play? Would love to come and support you all!


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I would love to play I have been playing over 20 years and currently still play in the South Wales premier league can bat and keep wicket if required looking forward to cape to spend time with friends watch the cricket and sample the local food and drink and table mountain

Matt Kent

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I would love to play. I have played cricket for many years, although im not that quick between the stumps these days so just have to smack boundaries! Can bowl and bat...but happy to just be part of it. Looking forward to the whole thing....cant wait to get there now!! Merry Christmas all.


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Would be up for a game if possible, but am on the 5pm flight back home. As for me, this trip is my 50th b'day present and ticks another country and a couple of cricket grounds off the list. Still playing midweek 20 overs cricket and the odd weekend league game. Am hopeful that my slow but canny bowling might be effective on a 6th day pitch and if not I'll put all the fielders out in cow corner!!

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My son George has also joined the bar my army and I am he would love to play. He is a decent all rounder. I would have loved to play but don't think my legs are up to it!!