A Cricket Experiment


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I'm an American with absolutely no knowledge of the sport of cricket beyond the presence of a flat bat and wickets, and the time ESPN showed a thrown ball killing a bird. Some friends and I once had a discussion where we wondered how long it would take a completely foreign observer to figure out a sport like baseball or American football if a knowledgeable fan was not there to explain things to them. I figured that a person like me trying to figure out cricket might make a good comparison or at least an interesting challenge.

Now, with quarantine induced time on my hands, I decided to give it a try, by attempting to learn to play on playstation. The plan, at least at first, is to do no research whatsoever and go in completely cold. Later, when and if I am completely stumped I'll google things or ask questions.

The game "Don Bradman Cricket 14" is the one that is available on Playstation's streaming service. I've searched enough to know that there are other, better games out there, but this one (though obviously out of date) has the advantage of being free with my PSN subscription.

So far I have essentially gotten nowhere. I have managed to score a few runs but honestly everything from the terminology to the play-by-play announcers to the score is an enigma so far. Even understanding the menus is pretty spotty.

That long-winded prelude brings me to this question: have I blown it right at the start with my choice of games? in other words, are the controls tricky and non-intuitive because its a bad game, or am I just that clueless about what I'm supposed to do. I'd be interested to know if any video gamers could say which one might be the most intuitive.