1st Class trains Colombo-Galle-Colombo...


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According to seat 61, there is 1 a day. Departs Colombo at 14:15, and departs Galle at 06:55. Anyone know the cheapest/easiest way to buy these?


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If I remember correctly, all train tickets are available in advance , or on the day from Train stations.
Possibly kiosk 14 ? at Colombo main station.
Alternatively you can use an online application through, [email protected] and collect from any station.
Hope that a help.


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I got them online using visitsrilankatours. Been told they sold out quite quickly as only a small carriage once a day for 1st class.


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If you're getting the train from Colombo to Galle, make sure you get on at Maradana station (where the train originates). This will guarantee you a seat, whereas you'll be involved in a bunfight for seats with locals if you get on at Fort station. You can buy tickets in advance by turning up at the station - and the fares are super-cheap.
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