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  1. YorkshireHat

    Eticketing Refunds

    I had problems with Eticketing for 2 friends tickets in Cape Town. In the end I claimed back against my credit card and got a full refund. Your contract was with Etickets not a 3rd party. Spesk to the bank you used to purchase the tickets.
  2. YorkshireHat

    Customised England flags - where to buy?

    I use this place because its local to me and good quality.
  3. YorkshireHat

    Sri Lanka Tickets 2020

    Just to add a little warning on Etickets. They failed to provide day 1 tickets for Cape Town but didnt inform you until after play had started. I understand it may have been problems outside their control, but paying over the odds prices and not receiving the goods doesn't sit well with me.
  4. YorkshireHat

    Sri Lanka tickets
  5. YorkshireHat

    Sri Lanka tickets

    Personally I'd avoid Eticketing like the plague. They failed to deliver day 1 tickets for Cape Town and 2 of our friends didnt get informed until after 1 hours play on day 1. Tickets will go on sale via the cricket Lanka website.
  6. YorkshireHat

    Sri Lanka tickets

    Notice that the Colombo game is st the SSC and not the R. Premadasa International. Anyone shed a light on how it compares?
  7. YorkshireHat

    Barmy Army CC game at Newlands!

    I'll just make a charity donation out in Colombo.
  8. YorkshireHat

    Barmy Army CC game at Newlands!

    Sorry guys, I'm out. Calf gone at todays game.
  9. YorkshireHat

    Sri Lanka tickets

    I wouldn't leave getting tickets to the day of play, it may well be sold out before then. Book on the Lanka website and pick up day before, or as your hotel if they will sort them for you.
  10. YorkshireHat

    Barmy Army CC game at Newlands!

    Fingers crossed.
  11. YorkshireHat

    1 more newlands ticket appeal thread!

    The ground were selling day 1 tickets earlier today, have you tried there?
  12. YorkshireHat

    Barmy Army CC game at Newlands!

    You won div 7 last year, I played against you for Ripley.
  13. YorkshireHat

    Barmy Army CC game at Newlands!

    Who you playing for in the Nidderdale League?
  14. YorkshireHat

    Barmy Army CC game at Newlands!

    What an experience this would be, I'd love to be considered. Turn 50 tomorrow, played at different levels throughout my life as a pudding throwing bowler. Still involved now at local level playing in divisions 3, 5 and 6. Spent the last few years bringing on junior players. As for Cape Town...
  15. YorkshireHat

    Best wicket-keeper option in Test Cricket?

    Bairstow for me is a better package
  16. YorkshireHat

    Cape Town test

    1st visit to SA for me so have any experienced members got advice to enhance the trip?
  17. YorkshireHat

    Sri Lanka tickets

    Last November you could literally walk around the grass banks and into the "cheaper seats" without any hassle or checks.
  18. YorkshireHat

    Sri Lanka tickets

    Buy direct from the Lanka cricket website and either collect in person the day before, or arrange your hotel to collect for you and pay them whatever you agree on.