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    Ashes 2021 - General queries

    The only Ashes anyone will be watching this year is on the TV. Australia is back to being a prison camp that won't allow visitors until 2022. Smug complacency and a lousy vaccine rollout has out paid to that.
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    West Indies 2022

    Barbados, St Lucia and Antigua is the running order at the moment. But knowing the West Indies cricket board it could be changed next week to a beach in Nicaragua with tickets available after the matches are over ...
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    West Indies 2022

    If the tour happens,and I have my doubts and even then I'm not sure spectators will be allowed in,then the Barmy Army will organise a tour for which you will pay a premium. Other your companies also provide a similar service. Many BA supporters however travel independently and organise their own...
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    Visa on entry

    Thoughts go out to the Sri Lankans at the moment. I know quite a few lads were out there already but these tours do bring much needed income to the local economy.
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    Customised England flags - where to buy?

    Would you mind telling us where ?
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    Sri Lanka Tickets 2020

    Sri Lanka is a great country though and worth the trip for those who've never been.We've had contacts locally for years so always get in the grounds for virtually nothing. Tbh at Galle the craic on the fort was even better than being in the ground although it is still the only place I know where...
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    Sri Lanka Tickets 2020

    Buy on the day. Or pay a local to do it for you in advance. Or bribe someone on a gate.They all take backhanders. Just don't pay the full rip-off price.
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    West Indies 2022

    Too early yet but Barbados and Antigua always a racing cert. The Windies is always a great tour.Rum and ganja cheap as chips.
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    Keaton Jennings

    I couldn't believe my eyes when I read he's been picked for the Sri Lanka tour. His batting technique has been found out so many times. Might as well give Gary Ballance a call too. England going backwards.