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  1. lydienna82

    What do you recommend?

    I have Knismolagnia. Or, simply put, sexual arousal from tickling. People with this fetish build their entire sex life around tickling. They may tickle each other during sex or even tie up their partner to tickle him or her.
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    I need good hosting

    I need good hosting. I'm thinking about hostgator. What do you think about it? Is it worth it?
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    Are you for piracy or are you against it?

    There should be no piracy, of course. But the developers themselves must fight against it, not the state authorities to interfere in what they do not understand and do not understand. Because the intervention of the side, which does not understand anything will lead to very bad results. Here's...
  4. lydienna82

    Which would you choose?

    Personally, I would choose online dating. They have both minuses and pluses: Minuses: again, correspondence gives more chances to think out a phrase, depriving a virtual conversation of a certain spontaneity and, at the same time, naturalness. Pros: you also have the opportunity to better...
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    Which one is more intelligent?

    Some people are better at making logical statements, others can pick up the missing piece of a puzzle, and still others can see a pattern in a series of numbers. Which one is more intelligent?
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    What kind of companies need an interactive map?

    This is necessary for stores in my opinion.
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    What is worth investing in right now?

    What is worth investing in right now? Cryptocurrency?
  8. lydienna82

    What is worth investing in right now?

    Definitely investing in cryptocurrency is the most profitable nowadays, so I think you should consider this option. Investing in crypto is a good choice, because in this case you are not waiting for such troubles as hacking of your wallets and data leakage. All these systems are so secure that...
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    Gone is the love

    I think I've fallen out of love with my boyfriend. He doesn't excite me anymore...
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    How do I make it easier?

    Here are a couple of examples
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    How do I make it easier?

    Why are you doing this? Are you responsible for it or were you just given the job for nothing? I think it's easier to hire someone to do it... Well, if you still need to do it, then use the lesson plan template google docs . Such templates are a lot in the public domain, you may just need to...
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    palm angels t shirt

    cool t-shirt