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    Strong worries about the divorce process

    I'm afraid my husband might prevent our divorce. I want to download Pennsylvania divorce forms for free and submit documents soon. I am afraid that when my husband finds out, he will simply explode with anger and will not give me his consent. On the day of sending the documents, I also plan to...
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    Divorce with three children

    My husband and I have three children (14, 9, 7). We are planning to divorce ourselves, using this service But how to solve the alimony issue? The husband agrees to allocate an amount that is too small in my opinion. If a lawyer is not...
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    A trip to Washington led to a divorce

    My husband and I decided to celebrate our marriage anniversary with a little trip. But he behaved in a terrible way throughout the trip. And it was as if I saw him in a completely new way. At home, this is not so noticeable due to the fact that everything that surrounds you is very familiar and...