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    1 more newlands ticket appeal thread!

    Evening all. Does anyone know ticket availability for Sunday. Thanks Chris
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    Cape Town tickets

    Rob. Ok no problem. I will try to get some when we are there. Sorry no spare tickets for day 4, I bought mine from viagogo. Thanks Chris
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    Cape Town tickets

    Hi . I have tickets for day 4 but need 2 tickets for day 3. We arrive in CT on the Saturday lunchtime so could collect any that evening or on the Morning of the day 3 if thats ok? Thanks Chris
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    Cape Town tickets

    I am in the same predicament and have the wife with me who is not interested in the cricket so I dont want to pay stupid money for her to read a book. Is there a creche I can book her in? There were single tickets in different parts of the ground and wondered if we could sit on the grass bank...