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    Podcast Trescothick

    A great listen in my opinion. Really good mix of cricket, fun but also some really interesting stuff on his mental health. What do people think of this episode and what would you like to hear more/less of in future episodes?
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    Customised England flags - where to buy?

    Hi all. We have an agreement with BannersForAll to provide discount to Barmy Army members. If you email me at [email protected] with your membership numbers or other details I will send you a unique discount code. Cheers
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    Sri Lanka Tickets 2020

    You can purchase tickets at the moment at but will pay around $60 minimum per day. These tickets are being sold by SLCs official ticket handler/distributor who have once again hiked the price up for visiting supporters...
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    Barmy Army CC v Soweto CC - Jan 23rd

    Hi JJ. The umpires are already sorted but please do come down and support it should be a great day 👍
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    Barmy Army FC v Gwijo Squad

    We will be taking on the S.A. supporters the Gwijio Squad in an 11 a side football match at 5pm on Wednesday 22nd in Johannesburg. If you are interested in playing or coming along to support please message below and more details will follow.
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    Port Elizabeth - Safety Reminder

    Hi everyone, just wanted to remind everyone staying in Port Elizabeth to just be fully aware of your own personal safety in the town centre, especially at night time. We’ve been told of one incident in the last 24 hours where a woman was used as a decoy to attempt to steal wallets, phones, etc...
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    Barmy Army CC v Soweto CC - Jan 23rd

    After the hugely successful day at Newlands, where over 30 Barmy Army members enjoyed a once in a lifetime opportunity to play on a test wicket, we have another fixture arranged vs Soweto CC on January 23rd - the day before the Joburg test. This historical 25th anniversary game will take place...
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    Barmy Army CC game at Newlands!

    Details for the day at Newlands for all those involved and anybody wanting to come down and support: First game v Amla Army: 12.45pm meet for a 1.30 start. Enter the ground via the Western Province gates. Second game: 4pm meet for a 4.30pm start. Enter via the Western Province gates. There is...
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    Barmy Army CC game at Newlands!

    Thanks to everyone for your interest in playing in the matches...the teams have now been drawn: The lucky entrants will be contacted with more details.
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    Barmy Army CC game at Newlands!

    We will be drawing the teams in the next few days and this will be covered on social.
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    Barmy alone in South Africa

    Hi mate, welcome to SA! The Barmy Army are sat in Block C in the ground and we have a HQ set up on the SE grass embankment (Castle branded) directly across the pitch from there. Come and say hello and join in...everyone welcomed!
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    Barmy Army CC game at Newlands!

    We have arranged to play a Barmy Army CC v Amla Army T20 match at Newlands the day after the test match finishes...on the test match strip! This should be a great experience for everyone including those who play in the game and fellow members and supporters who come down and support. Any First...
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    Greatest moment of Ben Stokes?

    Has to be Headingley for me. A genuine one-man show whereas the WC was more of a team effort. Both incredible!